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Skipper di Grecia in Vela: Jacopo Maglieri

Jacopo Maglieri is owner and founder of a small sailing company formed in 2011. Its headquarters are in Leros (Greece) – Lakki, 85400, VAT no. 147869130 registered at the Greek Chamber of Commerce.

We specialize in organizing skippered yacht cruises on the Plenis Velis, where our extraordinary two-member crew will take care of all you need! And whether you're new to sailing or already have some sailing experience, then Greece by Sailing Boat is for you!

Whether you board alone, or in small groups, we guarantee you fun, relaxation, good food and enjoyment all the way!
You will also be making new friends as the immense beauty of the sea ties people together in their passion for sailing. We pride ourselves in organizing groups that are as homogeneous as possible.
For those of you who would like to live this adventure with their friends and loved ones, it's possible to charter the boat for exclusive use.

Jacopo - Skipper and Owner

"I started to discover the wind when I was a sailing and windsurfing instructor in tourist villages at the age of only 17. After obtaining my nautical license without limits, I soon discovered the splendid Greek seas, by embarking as a sailor on a 14m Jeanneau, where I started to learn to move around on a real sailboat: it was a thrilling sensation!

My passion for the sea led me to attend specialization courses where I soon graduated in Marine Surveyor Transport. I experienced the hard life on oil tankers where I embarked for long periods of time as a Deck Cadet. I learned to live in confined spaces, and I learned to respect new and unknown cultures as I lived in close contact with different ethnic groups. I also learned to respect the Chain of Command.

Finally, on a real command deck I learned what it means to plan routes, to familiarize oneself with nautical charts, to handle onboard instrumentation and astronomical navigation.

After spending 12 months embarked on great ships, I obtained the qualification of deck officer by passing the state exam.

In the meantime, during the summer period, I would embark on many motor and sailing yachts as a sailor. However, the art of sailing, because that is exactly what it is, is another world altogether."

"There is no strain that is not paid off by the smell of the sea and the breath of the wind that pushes the sails."

Skipper di Grecia in Vela: Jacopo Maglieri
  • Registered Seafarer Member 1st class
  • Courses: IMO Basic Training + Advanced Fire Fighting
  • GMDSS Certificate
  • Radar O.N. / ARPA Course
  • Deck Officer on ships of 500 Gross Tonnage or more
  • Certificate of competence RYA/MCA Yachtmaster offshore